Bài 7: Conditional Sentences

1. Type 1:điều kiện có thể xảy ra ở hiện tại hoặc tương lai


If clause

Main clause

If + S + V1 / V s(es)

             (don’t / doesn’t + V1)

S + will / can/ may + V1

       (won’t / can’t + V1)

Ex: If I find her address, I will send her an invitation.

If Mary doesn’t feel better tomorrow, she will see a doctor.

 2. Type 2:điều kiện không có thật ở hiện tại

If clause

Main clause

If + S + V-ed / V2

             (didn’t + V1)

To be: were / weren’t

S + would / could / should + V1

       (wouldn’t / couldn’t + V1)

Ex: If I were you, I would tell the truth.

If she knew your address, she would send you a letter.

 3. Type 3: điều kiện không có thật trong quá khứ

If clause

Main clause

If + S + had + P.P

             (hadn’t + P.P)

S + would / could / should + have + P.P

     (wouldn’t / couldn’t + have + P.P)

Ex: If I had known the answer, I would have told her.

I would have gotten the scholarship if I had studied harder.

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