IELTS Writing task 2 – 9/7/2016:Studies have suggested that children watch

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 09/07/2016

Studies have suggested that children watch much more television than they did in the past and spend less time on active or creative things. What are the reasons and what measures should be taken to encourage children to spend more time on active or creative things.

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There is a common trend that today children have been EARLY EXPOSED TO TV and other types of electronic media, which is scientifically reported to bring more harm than good. In this essay, I will point out the two main reasons giving rise to this trend and put forward some feasible solutions helping children live more physically.

TV contents are at first thought to play a part in the increase of TV viewing among kids. In deed, most today’s channels have entertainment programs available to kids, from cartoon series to game shows or TALENT-SEEKING CONTESTS exclusively for children. In other words, instead of playing outside, a child can entertain himself by spending whole day on SCREEN TIME. Accordingly, his schedule for outdoor activities would be occupied, which makes him become more inactive and less creative. In addition, kids’ EXCESSIVE TV WATCHING is partly attributed to a lack of parental control and discipline. To be more specific, today ‘s parents are far more ENGROSSED IN earning money due to changes in social settings. Therefore, they are not able to have sufficient time to control their children ‘s leisure activities strictly.

The first measure to limit children’s screen time at home is that parents should KEEP AN EYE ON their daily watching. For example, if a child tends to be addicted to TV, parents should instruct him how to watch it more moderately rather than ban completely. They can also remove TV out of children’s room to supervise more easily. Besides, the concerted action between schools and local authorities is not less important. Schools can build more outdoor playgrounds or hold cultural activities for pupils by advocating the locals to donate money. By doing so, children can perform themselves not only academically but also physically.

In conclusion, with the fast-growth of technology like today , children find it hard to stay immune from TEMPTATIONS OF TV PROGRAMS . Thus the intervention of parents as well as schools would be a major factor in helping kids to lead a more healthy life.


-Early expose to something: Tiếp xúc sớm với thứ gì đó

-Talent-seeking contests: Những cuộc thi tìm kiếm tài năng

-Screen time: Thời gian ngồi trước màn hình TV, màn hình máy tính

-Excessive TV watching: Việc xem tivi quá độ

-To be engrossed in something/ Ving: Mải mê, chăm chú vào điều gì đó

-To keep an eye on something : Để mắt đến thứ gì đó

-Temptations of TV programmes: Sự cám dỗ, sức hút của các chương trình truyền hình

Nowadays, TV and smart phone have become the main sources of entertainment and spending leisure time for most of the children. In fact, most children are addicted to TV than doing meaningful or creative activities. As far as my opinion is concerned, I strongly believe that the availability of huge number of channels, easy access to satellite TV channels, lack of proper guideline and the lack of ambition in children are the main reasons behind the children’s’ inactivity and less participation in creative tasks.

It is taken for granted that children watch TV all the time due to the availability of various channels with diverse means of entertainment which appeal to them. Moreover, watching TV has become a permanent habit without which children would get bored and uninterested. Consequently, children will not be enthusiastic in doing anything creative owing to their addiction to TV. For example, my child is 6 years of age. He is used to spending his time on watching TV rather than on creating or making new things. I have been endeavoring to let him active and do new things, but unfortunately he always refuses to do so. This is surely because he is accustomed to this habit since his tender age. Again, bygone are the days when a small percentage of households in a country owned TV sets. On the contrary these days a single family owns more than one TV and all of them have satellite connections. Moreover, children these days can watch TV programmes from their smart phones using internet. The easy access to TV channels has made them prone to watch it more.

Another reason which deprives children of doing creative activities or new things is the lack of ambition and encouragement. Unfortunately, most of the parents do not motivate or encourage their children on what children do or intend to do. For example, my niece seems to be a pessimistic child because whenever she does or intends to do anything, her parents neglect her instead of encouraging and appraising her.

However, children can reduce the hours spent on watching TV and utilise those hours in doing creative or active things. If highly encouraged and motivated, children are expected to engage in those useful works and be accustomed to doing creative and effective activities, no matter how difficult or complex those works or activities are. Again teachers in school should also motive them to get involved in creative works. Parents should allow children to watch suitable TV programmes for a certain period of time each day and they should also get involved in different activities to set example for their children. Consequently, children will be highly effective and proficient when they become adult and this surely is attributed to their past useful experience.

To conclude, children spend much time watching TV because of the easy access of numerous channels and the lack of zeal to do useful things. To eradicate this phenomenon, children must be motivated, guided and mentored.

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