IELTS Writing task 2 – 8/10/2016:Some people think that men and women have different qualities

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 08/10/2016

Some people think that men and women have different qualities. Therefore, some certain jobs are suitable for men and some jobs are suitable for women.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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It has been widely  acknowledged  that the number of working  women increased  significantly  over the last century, and they  got involved  in the  different types  of  works. This topic  is in particular  importance  because the equality between  women  and men  has become  one of  the  most debated  issues. This essay will discuss whether both sexes suitable for whatever job or not.

On the one hand, the main reason why women and men can occupy the same type of work is related to mental ability and intelligence. There is no relation between individual ability and gender. For example, the most important part when someone applying for a job in most companies is the grade and the certificate rather than the gender. Moreover, there are women who have become a policeman, which is quite dangerous, and they are successful in their careers.

On the other hand, there are some types of works which is not suitable for all. Jobs that require physical activity, for instance, are more likely to be filled by men such as builder and army. In contrast, women are quite emotional and they have which is called (caring nature), for this reason, they are more suitable to be employed in nursing and caring. In these instances, obviously, women and men have different natural abilities.

In conclusion, this essay has looked at whether women and men should have the same jobs or not. It would seem that women and men are capable of having the same type of careers, and individual ability is far important than the gender identity. Perhaps, with the development in the world, females can occupy more sensitive positions.


There is no doubt that each gender has distinct individual characteristics, which set one apart from the other. While it is argued that some jobs are compatible with women and men due to their respective personality and skill sets, I partly agree with this idea because each sex can perform equally or even more effectively than the other, irrespective of the conventional thoughts.

On one hand, both males and females have quite a separate set of characteristics, which enables them to perform certain tasks well. As for women, they are loving, meticulous and kind-hearted, so they are exceptionally good at taking care of the household activities and do the child rearing.. Likewise, men also possess some special traits like strength, self-confidence which highly qualifies them for areas such as being the breadwinner and make important decisions for the whole family. For example, men are usually CEOs of corporations because such work is stressful and requires stamina and decisiveness.

Though not having the qualities deemed suitable fora certain types of work, each gender still renders an equally satisfactory performance, or even outshines the other in some fields. The first case in point is the conception that the military is traditionally exclusive to men just because they are physically robust is no longer rational today as more and more women are enlisting as soldiers like their male counterparts. They could give medical treatment to the injured or even receive training to cariy out certain missions just like men. In a similar way, some male parents are taking on the role as a housewife as their spouse may be busy with her business. They do the washing-up, the clean-up and the cooking even better than their wife, and this would mean that one excels at something after getting accustomed to it rather than having innate abilities

It conclusion, it can be said that both men and women are blessed with individual qualities, giving them an advantage in certain areas. Yet, by looking at the current situation, it will be unreasonable to believe that they cannot do each other’s job.


It is undoubtedly so that males and females have differing strengths, and this has spurred arguments that some jobs are more gender-specific. Although both genders are just as mentally capable, I strongly believe that some positions are more suitable for men and others for women.

On one hand, it can be argued that all jobs are suitable for both men and women as they have the same mental capability and intelligence. Gender plays no part in individual wit and neither men nor women have been proven to be smarter than the other. For instance, cognitive strength is placed above gender when employers are hiring employees. University degrees are part of key selection criteria in various work industries, whilst gender preference is hardly specified as both sexes are just as able as the other. Hence, both males and females are equally suited to work in jobs that require intellect.

On the other hand, it is no doubt that some types of work are unsuitable for both genders due to their physical abilities. Men’s physiques are built differently to women’s, and are they are therefore more capable to work in industries that require strenuous physical labour such as carpentry, firefighting and building. In contrast, women possess nurturing qualities to be future mothers. In Australia, for example, women constitute a majority in job positions like midwifery, nurses, and social workers. In instances where jobs are geared towards natural abilities, there are those that better suit different genders.

I strongly believe that some jobs are indeed more suitable for certain genders, simply for the fact that they are naturally built differently. As an example, most construction jobs such as a brickmason or crane operator are dominated by males, as females have far less physical strength to carry these tasks out. Due to these qualities, some jobs are more gender-specific.

In conclusion, men and women have the same intellect to work in all jobs; however, the difference in physiques mean that some jobs are indeed more suitable for men, and others are more suitable for women.

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4 responses on "IELTS Writing task 2 – 8/10/2016:Some people think that men and women have different qualities"

  1. This issue is very sensitive and needed the intervention of the authorities.

  2. The gender equality nowadays is one of the major issues that attract attention of the public. Some people claim that men and women have different qualities for some certain jobs based on their sex. In my opinion, however, I partly disagree with them.
    First of all, there are many jobs which are for both sexes. For example, cooking or house-cleaning or laundry or many chores was thought to be only for female. However, recently, there are many men who are proficient in those field like Master Chef – Gordon Ramsey. This proves that many jobs are supposed for both genders, yet only male or female do these jobs, leading to the misunderstanding of working subjects. Secondly, because of the ability of human is equal despite their gender, any gender barricade in jobs will be sooner or later removed. People used to believe that only men could be doctor. However, their belief has soon changed as the appearance of the first female doctor – Elizabeth Blackwell. This inspirited many other people to break the gender barricade and prove themselves that they can jobs which are claimed not for their gender like Dilma Roussseff – the first female president in Brazil.
    On the other hand, there are still some jobs are only for one gender. Scientists have shown that men have better strength and directional capability than women while women have nursing ability much better than men. As a result, some jobs which required to physical strength are for male like worker and jobs only for female related to nursing ability like babysitter of maid are still existed.
    Although men and women have different qualities for different types of jobs, those jobs have the harmony between the role of male and female. All of gender barricades should be removed and soon, all of jobs will be unisex.

  3. Equality between men and women is one of the most debated issuse. In the past, especially in Asia area, the men had higher position in the society so they was respected, but the women was considered like a housekeeper who took care of children and did the house work. More important, only men could have knowledge and go to work. Nowadays, both men and women can have a job of their own. However, there still has the idea that not all the jobs are siutable for both genders because of their different qualities. In my point of view, i partly agree with this idea.
    On the one hand, there are some nature difference between men and women. For example, women are more sensitive, thoughtful than men so such jobs like nurse, literatural teacher,… are likely to be more siutable for women. With the stronger physical strength, men dominate the contructional market jobs. Women usually make the decisions base on emotion so the kind of jobs which need a cold head are normally belonged to the strong gender.
    On the other hand, the modern women are more and more equal with the men. There have no barriers for the weak gender to do a men job. Despite of physical condition, with the highly level of practice, women can apply a job that demand strength such as policeman, or joining in military,… Moreover, employers recruiment base on certificate and the experience of the appliers no matter what gender they are.
    In conclusion, men and women have the equal opportunity to apply all kinds of jobs, but the difference in physiology makes some jobs are more siutable for either men or women.

  4. It is thought that there are some distinct physical and mental strengths between men and women. Therefore, the arrangement of the types of jobs among two sexes is quite clear. However, in my point of view, both of them are equal and can do each other’s works as well as their own ones. i partly agree for some reasons.
    To begin with, it is true to recognize that male and female have different qualities. Men are strong with the advantage of muscle when women are clever with being flexible in thinking and gentle in activities. Thus, female can do the chore or look after children in an easy way. With a primitive instinct, a woman can take care of kids, make them happy whether they are her offsprings or not. It is probably difficult to force her to work more than 8 hours per day in the factory where physical health and muscular power are required. Disparities in the types of job compatibility based on genders are quite clear.
    On the other hand, many people have capability to take responsibility for various jobs. They can do any type of job regardless of man’s jobs or woman’s works. For example, many generations believe that only men can become politicians and women just stay at home to do the chores. However, Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom broke those old views. She is the first politician in the history of the UK. Iron Lady did a lot of policies which were really successful.
    In conclusion, while there is still some truth to the division in job selection, I believe both men and women are equal in term of such aspect.

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