IELTS Writing task 2 – 30/7/2016:Many people say the gap between rich and poor people is wider

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 30/07/2016

Task 2: Problems & Solutions 

Many people say the gap between rich and poor people is wider, as rich people become richer and poor people grow poorer.

What problems could this situation cause and what measures can be done to address those problems?

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It is true that nowadays rich people are getting even richer and poor people have become poorer especially in developing countries. This situation has presented wide variety of problems to the community and it has negatively affected on one country’s developments. To tackle these problems I believe that governments and authorities should take necessary steps and implement laws to improve the living standards of financially backward people.

To begin with, studies have shown that poverty and crimes are correlated owing to the fact that people are committing crime for earn a living. Furthermore children’s of poorer parents are often not able to access higher education even they may have talents in their studies. As a result they are not hired for a wealthy job. This means that probably they will live their lives under uncomfortable circumstances and poverty. That will present uncertainty in one country. Moreover public health of one country would be deteriorated if people in one country are living in extreme poverty.

To tackle these worrying concerns governments should need to do more works for minimizing the gap between poorer people and richer people. Firstly governments should provide financial support for people who are living under uncomfortable financial circumstances. Secondly governments should ensure quality of education to all of their citizens. That will definitely help to reduce the poverty as well as increasing the living standards of financially backward families. Finally developed countries should take more responsibility and to do lot of efforts  for eradicate poverty from the world. These efforts already have been seen in some African countries and that have helped many people to increase their living standards.

To conclude I believe that we as a human everyone has rights to get a access to the education and a quality life. In addition education is the most useful weapon to fight against poverty. In this sense governments should ensure quality of education to all of their citizens. That will certainly help to reduce the gap between richer and poorer people.


This trend of the growing gap between the rich and poor is apparently not transparent at all. It can be seen from the high to the low levels of society , and reality check is always there to act as a borderline. The rich are becoming richer for sure and the poor poorer. What this results in and if the outcome can ever be improved are the questions that will be discussed in the following essay.

There are a number of issues that could possibly be the consequences people have to face. The first one is the social disorder and instability. Whilst the rich people are striking it high with their mini and big businesses and high-flier career post, the poor and average-income people  are struggling and also trying to make ends meet. This makes the poor, especially, the poorly-educated youths resort to either trivial or heinous crimes so as to survive financially. Stealing or shoplifting could be a common scene if the disparity remain unsettled. Another problem might be the widespread discrimination seen in the future generation. In schools, for instance, some poor children might be treated badly by the rich and therefor could not mix well in even elementary schools.

Some measures can be taken to improve the situation. A good form of solution would be in the form of more job creations, but at the same time, the cost of living must also be reduced so that the gap will not happen so fast, to the point of the blink of an eye. Another solution is by adopting an equitable taxation system,meaning that people are taxed in accordance with their personal income. To the end, the tax revenues should be invested in education,healthcare system and so on. And this, in return, promotes the growth of economy, bringing tangible economic and social benefits to not only the poor but also the rich, thus narrowing the gap.

In conclusion, this is a complicated issue, yet unless some action is taken immediately, I fear that this trend will worsen in the foreseeable future, influencing many aspects of life.

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