IELTS Writing task 2 – 24/9/2016:Fossil fuel is the main source of energy

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 24/09/2016

Fossil fuel is the main source of energy. In some countries, the use of alternative sources of energy is encouraged.

To what extent do you think is it a positive or negative development?

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There is little room for doubt that fossil fuels are the major energy source in various regions of the world, but some nations are taking a step forward and using renewable sources like wind, solar and tidal energy. Definitely,it is a positive development.

The main advantage of using alternative sources is that the conventional sources like coal and oil are non-renewable. They take millions of years to form and we are consuming them at an alarming rate. This means that if we use up the existing resources they will be gone forever as far as our and the coming many generations are concerned. Energy from the wind, the sun and the sea is an everlasting source of power. So, more and more governments should come forward in promoting these sources.

Another big advantage of these non-conventional sources is that they do not pollute the environment. We all know that global warming and damage to the protective ozone layer are caused by carbon-dioxide and other by- products of fossil fuels. If urgent steps are not taken towards the use of natural sources like sun and wind, then the time is not far when the whole earth will transform into a boiling pot.

Although the use of these alternative sources has some hurdles such as the initial cost of setting up solar panels and wind farms is very high and these are also dependent on the geographical locations. However, once the initial cost has been met with, their maintenance is practically negligible.

In conclusion, I believe that, the use of these alternative sources is a very positive development. It should be the global priority to invest in such research and development.


Governments across continents have turned their attention to more sustainable sources of energy as alternatives to fossil fuel. In my opinion, this could be seen as a progress for the following reasons.

First, there is no arguing that producing energy from buried dead organisms lacks sustainability, which means such production could not guarantee the survival of humans in the long term. In fact, the consumption of energy generated from fossil fuel tends to accelerate in direct correlation with the growth of the world population. With the current rate of exploitation, this valuable resource would dwindle away in no time, leaving no other choices than seeking additional reserves such as nuclear power or hydroelectricity. This is a safe solution to the fear of energy scarcity and ensures the future development of the human race.

Second, dependence on fossil fuel for worldwide energy supply would cause environmental degradation while using solar power, for example, is considered an ultimate choice of energy conservation. The combustion of fossil fuels is the culprit of greenhouse gas emission and other air pollutants, leading to tremendous damage to the environment. Such suffering of the Earth could not be justified by the growing need of humans. By contrast, this would never be the case when it comes to other alternatives as mentioned above. If governments continue to invest in exploiting those new sources, there will be an unlimited amount of inexpensive energy on the long run.

In conclusion, I believe that the use of other potential energy sources to replace fossil fuel is obviously an important step forward.


With the convenience of being able to translate languages on lots of devices these days, there are positives and negatives to this topic. However, I contend that it had more advantages than disadvantages.

On one hand, having computers and portable devices is a major advantage as one is able to translate languages instantaneously through these gadgets. The convenience of being able to interpret a different language on the spot negates the need for looking for words in a multilingual dictionary. For instance, Android interface mobile phones these days such as Samsung devices provide users the ability to utilise applications like Google Translate that is able to translate texts to over 100 languages immediately. Hence, on-the-spot translations that are available on electronic devices are extremely beneficial.

On the other hand, machinery is not able to convey the tone of certain languages that a person can, and is therefore a disadvantage. Languages with a wide range of tonal variations such as Mandarin or Cantonese are complex to grasp just by translations on computers or phones. For instance, there are six different tones in Cantonese, the nuances in how to speak it properly would be lacking just by learning the language through electronic devices as opposed to relying on a teacher. Therefore, language translations on devices can be seen as a disadvantage as they cannot capture different tones.

I truly believe that the pros of interpreting different languages on electronic devices outweigh the cons as it is extremely convenient. Using these applications to quickly translate languages especially when one is travelling abroad is very easy and fast just from a click of a button. Due to this convenience, the advantages override the disadvantages.

In conclusion, whilst there are benefits and drawbacks of using mobile phones or computers to translate different languages, the points mentioned above highlight that there are more positives than negatives.

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2 responses on "IELTS Writing task 2 – 24/9/2016:Fossil fuel is the main source of energy"

  1. Nowadays, most countries use fossil fuel as the main source of energy. However, because of the negative effects on environment, some governments develop other methods to produce energy without using fossil fuel. In my opinion, it is definitely a positive development.
    The main advantage of using alternative sources is that it can be recycled. People can not produce fosil fuel such as oil, coal,… they just take them from the environment. Moreover, the amount of conventional fuel that citizen used is much higher than the amount produced in a period of time. That is the reason why scientists warned that in the near future, the fosil fuel will dissapear. Another reason for using alternative fuel is that it has no harm on the environment. To produce energy, fosil fuel has to go through a process which releases carbon dioxide into the living areas. The higher the amount of carbon dioxide, the worst the environment is. People who live in twenty first century have to suffer a series of weather change such as high temperature, high sea level, the broken ozone,… However, alternative sources such as wind, sunlight can be directly transfered to energy without any produced substances. The result is that the environment is protected.
    Another benefit of using alternative energy is that it is very cheap. Althought, the beginning cost is quite high because to make energy from an unconventional source, people need to set up a system which is expensive. However, when we use this energy source in a long period of time, an energy which can be renewed and produce no extra cost will have more economic benefit than the others.
    In conclusion, the use of alternative sources of energy is a positive development. It should be used in all over the world.

  2. Modernization era leads to the highly using fuel, especially fossil fuel. However, governments of some nations choose to use alternative fuel instead of consuming tradition sources. Personally, i strongly believe that accepting the alternative fuel like a main sources of energy brings an enormous advantage to the development.
    The main advantage of using alternative sources is that it is totally safe for environment. As we can see, fossil fuel comes from carbon sources which are trees adn dead animals from dinasour’s era. Gas, charcoal, wood releasing carbon dioxide to the environment lead to global warming. Using other kinds of fuel can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide because of not releasing it. However, energy from sun wind or sea is unlimited resources and can reused when fossil power can not be reborn.
    Other big advantage of these new sources is that they are cheaper and being collected easier than these tradition fuels. Sunlight and wind energy are available everywhere around the world. Manufacturers have to pay to build windmills, solar generators so they can collect wind, sunlight, transfer them to the energy and store them in batteries. While fossil fuel is more and more scarce, this new source of energy opens a new door for people to escape from energy crisis.
    In conclusion, using alternative fuel brings a lot of benefits fro environment, economies, and human development.

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