IELTS Writing task 2 – 19/11/2016:Some people say that we do not need printed newspaper any more.

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 19/11/2016

Some people say that we do not need printed newspaper any more.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

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Multimedia has brought ample benefits to human since the beginning of information technology era by providing a great deal of convenient tools to approach the hottest daily news. There is being an argument saying that conventional newspaper is not a viable option since it has already been replaced by various forms of modern news-bringing gadgets. In my opinion, I strongly opine the idea since there remain irreplaceable features of traditional newspaper.

To commence with, it goes without saying that in this contemporary, fast-paced society, the Internet or even TV is the way to go as they introduce prevalent methods readers can retrieve information. A telling example of its commonness is that nowadays, hardly can we find anyone who has not read online newspaper once in his life. Moreover, unorthodox news can be very time-flexible compared to the orthodox ones so civilians – especially who are in constantly desperate need of getting the hottest news as soon as possible – can obtain any snippet of information as soon as it goes online, without having to wait until the next morning to get their hands on printed newspaper.

On the other hand, there are several traits that traditional papers have been prevailing in, such as the price and the news’ authenticity. First, although the Internet and TV can be very affordable, none can compete in terms of price compared to offline newspaper. This is the reason why people in developing nations are still endorsing them as a major source of information. Another traditional newspaper’s exceptional aspect is that it offers reliability regarding news accuracy. Currently it is very simple for any individual to set up a site and fetch them with falsified news, in contrast with authentic, carefully checked news on any newspaper published daily.

To sum up, having a wide range of aforementioned gratifications, I strongly believe that traditional papers will develop in correlation with other more modern news-bringer forms.


Many people argue that traditional printed newspaper is no longer suitable in the new era. Therefore, this kind of presenting information should be abandoned completely. In my opinion, I strongly agree with this statement in views of following reasons.
One possible reason is that taking conventional printed newspaper has taken a heavy toll on environment. There is no point in denying that newspaper is made chiefly from wood, which harvest from natural forests. Consequently, the more wood used in press industry, the more natural resources we human being exploit excessively. Although tradional newspaper is considered as a renewable source, we could not deny that the large number of users, who take newspapers daily, caught littering the street uncontrollably instead of separating it for recycling. As a result, this could lead to the damage of surrounding public senery and environmental pollution, which is the globally serious proplems nowadays.

Furthermore, apart from the traditional printed newspapers, readers have had the tendency to turn into other alternatives, which are much more appealing and highly convenient. It is true that that with the proliferation of Internet, it is by far easier for readers to find the highly informative websites, which interest them with the latest news and greater diversity about all aspects of life including health, environment, politics, and so forth. Moreover, there are various high-tech tools such as smart-phone, tablets, laptop which enable readers to enjoy news wherever they are, even in the geographically isolated areas, where news stands are relatively rare.

In conclusion, it seems to me that conventional printed newspaper would die out in the not too distant future due to the fact that it not only negatively affect environment, but also it is a virtually obsolete way of accessing information.

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3 responses on "IELTS Writing task 2 – 19/11/2016:Some people say that we do not need printed newspaper any more."

  1. Nowadays, multimedia is very vital to our daily lives and modern information technology is replacing old one step by step. Some people claim that one of those old means of information transportation which is printed newspapers should not be removed from modern multimedia. However, in my opinion, I partly disagree with them.
    First of all, with the birth of the Internet, the information can be transfer to users faster than old transfering method. For example, printed newspapers are only printed once a day, leading to that readers can only be informed once a day while on the Internet, the news is updated frequently. This lead to the overwhelm of modern technology in transfering information, following the dramatic decrease in printed newspapers readers rate. Secondly, while the information is limited on several pages so that not all of them can contain enough information for readers, the information on the Internet is unlimited. There are tons of websites that provide us various types of information from politics to showbusiness. The result is predictable that the advantages of modern types of multimedia have outweighted the advantages of printed newspapers, leading to the disapperance of this kinds of media.
    On the other hand, printed newspapers have some advantages that can not be replaced by any other types of media. Firstly, the information on printed newspaper is much more trustworthy than on the Internet. Due to the enormous number of websites, the information on those sites can not be censored and can have discomfort contain such as racism or terrorism, etc. while on printed newspapers, the information has to pass several serious checks of the reliability and the contain of the information. As a result, the information although limited but suitable and reliable. Secondly, modern media types such as television or the Internet can not be access by lots of people. Those people are from poor countries like the Africans. They do not have any knowledge to use or to access modern media due to the poverty so the only source of information they can reach, at least, is newspapers. If the newspapers are no longer avalible, those people will lose their only way to access the information.
    In conclusion, although there are more and more types of media developed everyday, old types, such as printed newspaper should not be underappreciated and removed permanently.

  2. Nowadays, printed newspaper seem to become unpopular and not nessesary with many citizens, especially people living in developed nation. It is believed that printed newspaper is no longer useful and need to be replaced by other ones such as online newspaper. However, in my opinion, i believe that although tradition newspaper is less important than before, it still has its own value.
    To commence with, manufacturer has to pay a lot of money to produce one series of print newspaper such as paper, labors wage, printing ink. In addition, citizens must pay for buying newspapers. Not surprisingly, their patience are challenged when they have to wait a long time before the mailman arrives to deliver it. Besides, online newspaper has shown obivious advantage such as the mumber of articles in each post, updating informations and free assess. Instead of going outside to buy one paper, readers can stay at home, suff the internet and read everything they want. Moreover, people have not to find the solution for old offline newspapers when they fill the warehouse or garage.
    In constract, printed newspaper has some advantages that we can not deny. For example, old paper can be recycled for the other purposes such as creating hand – made toys, wrapping glasses or corvering furnitures when repainting house. Besides, storing online newspaper require electronic devices which really hard to be detruct or recycle.
    In conclusion, print newspaper has its own important although online newspaper is becoming common. We still need traditon ones but it can be reduced to suit with new era.

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