IELTS Writing task 2 – 16/7/2016:In many countries, governments are spending a large amount of money on improving internet access

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 16/07/2016

In many countries, government spent a large amount of money on improving internet access. Why is it happening and do you think it is the most appropriate use of government money?

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There are an increasing number of people who are using the internet for a variety of purpose. In some countries, technological advances such as the internet have been funded by the government. I believe that global competition is a valid argument for the government to pour resources into this and it is beneficial to the country as a whole.

To begin with, globalization is a primary reason for the government to allocate funds in strengthening the internet access. As most country’s economy is reliant to a worldwide integration of trade and business, the competition to be connected with different countries using the internet post a greater challenge. Funding this will lead to a better communication between other nations. For instance, in a business forum held in Brisbane Australia, the majority of the members of the international business group agreed that a faster connection on the internet will yield to a better growth in the business and the economy. Thus, it makes it clear that the cost of funding is justified.

Furthermore, the money that the government spent on improving internet connection will be return to the government resources through tax payment. The growth of the economy will bring enormous business in the country, therefore more tax collection will be expected to come from business and employment. This will enable the government to allocate more funds in the health, education, and infrastructure that will benefit all the members of society. For example, Singapore has been voted in ASEAN as the most livable country in Asia because of its development in technology alongside with other government benefits that everyone is receiving. In contrast, if the country is not supporting the internet accessibility, this will not be possible.

In conclusion, although the government has a priority expenditure such as health and education, I believe that it is also worthwhile to invest in the technology that will benefit us all.


Governments nowadays are said to have heavily invested in improving internet access in many areas of the world. This may possibly be due to the endless benefits the online sphere can bring to countries and their development; however I do not think it is the best use of government funds.

A possible explanation as to why governments may be spending large amounts of money on improving internet access is due to the advantages that it can bring to communities. Internet connectivity is becoming an integral part of modern society in enabling better access to wider information sharing that we are used to. For instance, households no longer need televisions these days, as having an online connection can allow people to subscribe to online streaming service like Netflix, enabling them to watch TV shows or Intellectual documentaries from computers or portable gadgets. Thus, as simple as an internet connection may be, it opens up other avenues that benefits people.

Whilst truly useful, it is undoubtedly so that there are better uses of this money to allocate to priorities like improving welfare. This is particularly vital for developing countries that are in poverty. For example, it would be hopeless to have access to the Internet if starving families in war-torn countries like Africa or Syria have no means of getting food, drink or shelter. Priorities should definitely be given to basic human rights like these first. Hence, although internet connectivity is beneficial, it is not a necessity in many nations that are still developing.

In conclusion, from the above arguments, I believe that the Internet has its many uses to many communities: yet, governments should prioritize expenditure on human welfare first and foremost as internet access is not a necessity in life.

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