IELTS Writing task 2 – 15/9/2016:Research has shown that overeating is as harmful as smoking

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 15/09/2016

Research has shown that overeating is as harmful as smoking. Therefore, the advertising of certain food products should be banned in the same way as the advertising of cigarettes in some countries.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Overeating, the same as smoking, has a negative impact on people’s health, and therefore some people advocate that certain food advertising should be banned. While unhealthy diet habits are detrimental to people’s condition, I disagree that the government prohibits these food-related advertisement because there is no direct relation between overeating and food advertising.

It is undeniable that prohibition of some food products promotion can help tackle a few healthy problems such as obesity which is said to be a big threat among young generation. TV advertising gives foodies more opportunities to keep them posted with latest food products. This means people will tend to try new flavours and sometimes buy much more than they really need. As a result, they might get too much sugar and oil and get obesity. What’s more, the obesity will lead to other disease like heart attack. For example, forbidding Tim Tam biscuits that contain a great amount sugar are more likely to help solve these problems.

On the other hand, overeating does have damaging to people’s physical condition. However, there is no evidence to prove that these certain food-related advertising will give rise to overeating. People’s preference will not change just because of certain advertising. Even if the picture of cake looks really tasty, someone who dislikes sweets will not buy this cake. Also, every one has their own preferences on choosing what kind of snacks or cuisines. Whatever we eat is over certain amount will put a threat to our body condition, but it is impossible to ban all the food advertisement.

In conclusion, the prohibition of certain kind of food advertising can help solve some problems, but unhealthy diet habits are not developed by food products promotion. Thus it is unnecessary to ban the advertisement.


There is little room for doubt that certain advertisements of foods can lead to overeating in the general population, which is just as heath-damaging as smoking cigarettes. As for cigarettes, with its cancer-causing agents, smoking cause millions of deaths annually as well as hurting non-smokers. In the same way, the over-consumption of foods, particularly those junk foods like hamburgers, potato chips, soft drinks, and sweets which contain too much fat and sugar, can potentially result in obesity and diabetes, or even premature death.

Advertising creates impulse buying among consumers, who are too young or inexperienced at an age to comprehend the potential health hazards that the advertised products exert on their physical well-being. The fast emergence of KFC and McDonald’s food chains, supermarkets, and confectionaries, with their uncontrolled advertising on the media is responsible for making the citizens adopt bad dietary habits. Therefore, 1 contend that products with unhealthy nutrition contents should be forbidden for the fundamental reason that they generally distort the truth and make the foods appear appealing to the public

However, other culprits are to blame for people’s tendency of overeating. The most prominent one is the lack of guidance and supervision from the parents, who just have little or no time to control the dietary pattern of their children. As for adults, a sedentary lifestyle would be to blame since passive people are likely to have a snack while watching their favorite programme. At this point, they would just opt for the unhealthy food, immune to the tempting commercials broadcast. Besides, instead of a total ban on food commercials, the inclusion of clear nutritional labels on the products can be an effective approach. Therefore, it would then depend on the consumers’ choice whether to make a purchase or not, and they need to take responsibility for that.

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2 responses on "IELTS Writing task 2 – 15/9/2016:Research has shown that overeating is as harmful as smoking"

  1. Nowadays, a lot of citizens including children have to face overweight which has the dangerous level as high as smoking. Thus, people believe that banning junkfood advertising can prevent people from overeating. In my opinion, i firmly disagree that advertisments can harm people’ health for some reasons.
    The first reason which i mention about is that fastfood advertising is just one of many advertisments like computer advertising, organic food advertising or some services advertising. It is the fastest way to introduce one kind of products to consumers. Manufacturers, sellers of fastfood gain profits from selling pizzas, hamburgers when customers are looking for a high calories, good taste food with short time to prepare and eat. Advertisments show up in TV channels, newspapers, internet which are spent a lot of money by manufactures of these foods. However, if people do not need, they can switch TV channel, pass the title on newspaper even walk away when seeing KFC discount banners.
    It is unhealthy diet with unbalance between nutrient and sedentary lifestyle but not advertising which lead to deal with diseases. People often choose what they like to eat. Like other mammals and predators, the favorite food of people is meat. Therefore, they choose meat instead of eating vegetable of fruit. The explosion of technical information makes everything become more convenient. Now, citizens do not have to do the chores because of washing machine, launchry machine. Moreover, instead of going out on the weekend, children sit infront of TV screen to watch cartoon or play video games all day.
    In conclusion, i believe that foor advertising is irresponsible for overeating. Only people can control their own diets and keeping their body fitness and healthy.

  2. Overeating is believed to be a serious problem in the same way as smoking so some people think that it will be better for government to forbid food-related advertising. In my point of view, I partly agree with this idea.
    On one hand, there is no doubt that TV advertising helps more food to be sold. With the attactive figures and music about new food products, the advertisements can persuade people to try new flavours and buy more food. In the end, they consume too much oil and sugar and become overweight which can cause some diseases like heart attack, diabete,… For example, after watching candy adversisements on the box, children usually ask their parents to buy a lot of candies for them.
    On the other hand, not every advertisement is about unhealthy food. There are also advertisement which are mentioned about organic food or vegetables. These kinds of food help people to be healthy and have a balanced diet. Moreover, there is no relation between advertisement and the food that people choose. Each person has his or her own characteristics. For example, people who are vegetariants will never buy fast food such as fried chicken, hamburgers,… no matter how beautiful they are in the picture. People decide what kind of food that they eat and this decision does not depend on the advertising.
    To conclude , I think banning food advertising is not neccessary. Even though more food has been sold and an unbalanced diet is not originated from advertisement.

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