IELTS Writing task 2 – 13/8/2016:More and more people do not ride the bicycle

Đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 ngày 13/08/2016

More and more people do not ride the bicycle as a mode of transportation even though it has many benefits.
Why? How to encourage people to use bicycles as a main transport?

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Pedaling is friendlier to the environment as there arc no exhaust fumes to contaminate the atmosphere and no fuel is required, which would help greatly prevent the depletion of world resources and save citizens great travel expenses. Besides, travelling by bicycles barely results in traffic congestion irrespective of the amount of traffic on the roads, so citizens can save huge amounts of time travelling short distances somewhere near their houses and do not have to worry about getting stuck in the horrifying traffic. Despite this, many people arc still unwilling to bike as their means of travel. Yet, solutions can be taken to encourage them to ride bicycles more.

Firstly, compared to other types of vehicles like cars or motorbikes, it is not time efficient. It would take the bicycle riders double or triple the amount of time travelling and this is particularly inconvenient if one’s school or workplace is far away from his or her home. Therefore, when going to school or work takes hours, cycling proves an unpopular choice. Secondly, people are reluctant to pedal their bike since the air quality is not good today. City dwellers, for instance, just wish to reach their destination as quickly as possible to spare themselves from the car emissions or the dust floating in the air. Instead, they would take their motorbike or the public transit system.

There are some ways to make cycling more popular to the citizens. One solution is to encourage the citizens to have at least one bicycle. It is true that people today have one car or even five motorbikes in their house, and when they need to go out, they can only have resort to them, regardless of the distances. Thus, this can be the first step to make them more environmentally conscious by cycling to a nearby shop for some groceries or paying a visit to their neighbor. The second approach is that there should be some specially designated zones for cyclists, in which there should be more trees and flowerbeds along the street so that they can enjoy their journey slowly but joyously.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why few people today choose to travel by bicycle despite its huge benefits; however, numerous solutions can be taken to tackle this situation.


Cycling has long been known as an effective way to improve physical health and reduce the risk of obesity. However, in recent decades, there has been a prevalent trend that people use bicycles less to commute. This trend could be ascribed to a few reasons, and definite actions must be taken to promote the use of bicycles.
There are evident reasons as to why people hesitate to choose bicycles as a form of transport. The most prominent reason is the over-reliance on modern means of transport, such as cars and motorbikes. These modes of transport are obviously faster and more suitable for long journeys than bicycles. Another convincing reason is that in many places in the world, including Vietnam, there is no dedicated cycling paths for bicycles. This means that cyclists in these regions would have to ride in the same lane with motor vehicles, which is without doubt a dangerous practice.
To boost the use of bicycles, the government should adopt both of the following measures. First, the government may impose a heavy tax on motor vehicles. This tax would discourage people from using motor vehicles, and thus encourage them to switch to bicycle, the single most efficient human-powered land vehicle. Second, the government may allocate more money to the construction of cycling paths for citizens. When a system of cycling paths is well-developed, people would consider bicycles a safe and convenient mode of transport.
In conclusion, the unpopularity of bicycles could be attributed to the overdependence on modern means of transport and the scarcity of dedicated cycling paths. To encourage people to cycle more, the government may introduce a tax on motor vehicles and invest money in building dedicated paths for cyclers.

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