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TOPIC task 2 ngày 04/06/2016 :

It is suggested that everyone wants to have a car, a television and a fridge. Do disadvantages of this development for society outweigh advantages?

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A car, a television and a fridge are things that many people want to possess in their house. While I accept that there are both benefits and drawbacks of owning these objects, I would argue that the benefits are much more than the drawbacks.

It is obvious that car, television and fridge have negative influences on the environment. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere all over the world which comes from the emissions of cars increases significantly and this is one of the causes of global warming. On the other hand, television and fridge are high energy-consuming appliances in a house. To have enough energy for every household using them, a lot of energy comes from non-renewable energy which have adverse consequences to the earth.

However, the benefits of owning car, television and fridge are tremendous. The car provides a convenient means of transportation, and it helps boost the globalization all over the world. The television is a must-have appliance which allows everyone gaining knowledge, news and information quickly. For example, many rural areas now have access to up-to-date knowledge about farming and they can innovate and boost the productions of breeds. The fridge is a state-of-the-art innovation which preserve food efficiently and save time for housewives. They do not have to go to the supermarket everyday like before and can have more time taking care of their children.

The modern life changes a lot of consumer behaviour, for example, owning a car, a television and a fridge is essential for everyone. From what I have contended above, I think the advantages are very enormous.


Electronic appliances and gadgets have become a quintessential part of people’s lifestyles nowadays. They’re being considered as measures of one’s standard of living, which to some extent isn’t right. This essay shall discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such a development in our society.

As the technology advanced, the lifestyle of people became introduced with devices that would make our day-to-day working much easier, faster and comfortable. The best examples of this are a car, a TV, a refrigerator, an air conditioner and so on, that make us reach our destination faster, provide us entertainment from world over, and help us prepare delicious food. Naturally, people got addicted to these appliances so much that now it is impossible to imagine even a day without them. It is definitely a good thing that we’re making such phenomenal breakthroughs in science so as to make human living more convenient and luxurious. However, certain aspects of this development aren’t so much to be proud of.

Some people feel that these material things – cars and TV and so on, are essential to establish a certain status in the society. This thought process creates a pressure among individuals to feel inferior if they don’t own one of these things. Moreover, having a luxury sedan is considered to be more of a status statement than owning a small hatchback car. Such made-up norms of some sections of the society are the reason why this development also has a stigma associated to it. I’d suggest the society should stop feeding itself to these hypocritical beliefs and enjoy technology and its inventions without any such worries.

In conclusion I’d say that the few disadvantages, although prominent, do not outweigh the many advantages of the fact that people want to own material goods. According to the arguments presented above, it is all a matter of one’s perception of this situation. The best thing to do is neglect the drawbacks and concentrate on the benefits.

Today we belong to an era of materialism and everyone wants to have more and more in life. Things like a fridge, TV and car were the luxuries of yesteryears and have become the necessities of today. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon but the disadvantages definitely outweigh the advantages.

On the positive side, the quest for material possessions is what keeps the society going. People work hard to fulfill their needs and achieve their goals. It is everyone’s right to own the comforts of life. Secondly, because of the demand for such things, the national economy is boosted. Manufacturing units provide round-the-clock employment to thousands of people to produce things in bulk. Mignon McLaughlin has rightly said that, “Be glad that you’re greedy; the national economy would collapse if you weren’t.” What is more, when demand is more and mass production is done, then the cost of the things is cut down and the consumer is ultimately benefited.

On the downside, this is leading to stress and strain in the lives of people. People have become workaholics and are missing out on the joys of family and social life. Sometimes, people even adopt unethical means to get these things and this leads to crime and violence.

There is no harm in owning things such as a car, TV or fridge, but things turn bad when this simple materialism turns into over-materialism and people start wanting a TV in each and every room of the house and a car per person of the family. Our neighbors have a triple storey house and there is a refrigerator on every floor just for their comfort. People fail to draw the line between necessity and indulgence and this creates all problems. They fail to realize that – “If you live for having it all, what you have is never enough.”

The most significant disadvantage of excessive materialism is on the environment. Manufacturers promote their products through ads and people are lured into buying new things even without need. It is a bitter truth that a society in which consumption is artificially stimulated in order to keep production going is a society founded on trash and waste, and such a society is a house built upon sand. For example, new models of TVs and refrigerators are introduced every other day and people just go and buy them even if they need those things or not. The disposal of old ones is adding to global litter and is destroying our environment.

In conclusion, I believe that, there is no harm if everyone wants to own a fridge, a TV and a car but it would be much better if we give importance to the word ‘a’ and instead of everyone the word should be every family.

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